Our Story – From being complete strangers to being a Gallivant Couple

Year 2008 when the story began. Freshmen at Mapua Institute of Technology, their roads crossed. Both taking up Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, making their world smaller. These two young strangers did pass each other on hallways, maybe even they’re next to each other on bookstore or cafeteria. However, they remain strangers to each other.

Months have passed and getting ready on to the next quarter of the academic year when destiny played. They bid their first Hi and Hello to each other, introduced themselves with each other but still remain unfamiliar. This is when they started the friendship, and the bond became more special when they unintentionally recognized that their student numbers are next to each other. How lucky to have found the person next to you when you submitted your application form and later on befriends?

They tried dating after months but they are both young then and they felt that timing wasn’t right. They both have their own lives but remain friends though. Fast forward when they started dating again and became a pair. They both graduated and landed their first job in the same company, this is when they started traveling and seeing the world together.

Graduation Photo at PICC dated 16th of February 2012

They started calling their pair as PatGel and using the hashtag, #teamConstantTogetherness as they always see each other everyday whether it’s just an hour or half an hour, despite their busy schedules and different work shifts. Some are saying, seeing and being with each other daily would bring boredom to the couple. However, there will always be an exception, and this young couple proved, and continuously proving, to be one.

Now, they recently celebrated their 5th year anniversary and decided to create a blog site to document and share all their adventures and yeah, they won’t stop touring the Philippines and maybe around the globe together.

5th anniversary celebration in Bukidnon

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