Iligan City – City of Majestic Waterfalls

There are about 20 extra-ordinary waterfalls in Iligan, the reason why it was tagged as the “City of Majestic Waterfalls”. We’re not just talking about simple waterfalls, but we are talking about the best-of-the-bests waterfalls in the Philippines. There’s the famous Maria Cristina Falls, Tinago Falls and Mimbalut Falls. We also had a chance to see Dodiongan Falls, which is quite far from the city and rarely visited by the tourists.

As we were travelling to the city, we remembered our lesson on “HeKaSi” or the “Heograpiya, Kasaysayan at Sibika” class, in which we first heard Maria Cristina Falls. Then and now, it has always been the most grandeur waterfalls in the country and always been part and pride of the country. We’re both excited that finally, we’ll witness this majestic waterfall that serves as the primary source of electric power of the city. Unfortunately, months before visiting this place, a bombing incident happened in Davao City which caused alarm and threats to the management of the area and city government as well. So, they have decided to temporarily close the falls to public. It breaks our heart for a moment, the excitement turned into disappointment. However, we didn’t let it ruin the flow and the mood of our trip. We just thought of coming back in Iligan city, where we left our hearts broken.

As the tour continues, we kept our hopes high on the other falls this city offers. We then go to Mimbalut Falls. At first, we are in doubt upon knowing that there is a resort on the feet of Mimbalut falls. However, we were left in awe upon reaching the falls. We were stunned upon seeing it. Truly, Iligan City is blessed with Majestic Waterfalls.

Mimbalut Falls

One of the main tourist attractions of Iligan City is the Tinago Falls, which was derived from the word “Tinago” meaning ‘hidden’. It requires trekking a 470 steps to reach the hidden falls. When we’re about to reach the last steps, the feeling became surreal, that we didn’t mind of the calories we’ve burned and how shaky our knees become that time. The only word that came out from our mouth was, “Wow”. We were just so amazed.

The water runs down in a swimming pool-like basin, where tourists can swim and enjoy the cold water. Some brave-hearted visitors climb on the rocks on the sides and do cliff-diving. We even saw kids aged 7-9 years old, climbing on the high part of the rocks and dive like a professional divers, not minding the height and strong current of the water. We also rode a bamboo raft to bring us near the falls, and feel the strength of water as it falls down from above.

Some visitors are also bringing their packed food and have their picnic on the site. Why not? You have a perfect view, great company of your family or friends, and you have delightful food! That’s total pleasure.

Tinago Falls

Since we did not get our chance to meet Maria Cristina, we have decided to visit another waterfall within the city. Our driver-turned-tour-guide companion introduced us to Dodiongan Falls, which is an unfamiliar name for a traveler like us. The road going there is bumpy and rough. A good indication that it is rarely visited by travelers. Once we’ve reached the drop-off village, we have to leave the “habal-habal” motorcycle and take a 20-30 minutes trek to the falls. Dodiongan Falls is a twin waterfall just like Maria Cristina Falls.

Dodiongan Falls

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