Throwback to PatGel’s first out-of-the country – Hong Kong

We’ll be sharing with you how we’re able to manage our first out of the country travel and how naive we were during the entire tour from our “OOTD’s” (Outfit Of The Day) to food selections, and itinerary.

It was first quarter of 2012 when we started earning and save-up for our July 2012’s Hong Kong tour. It’s our own expenses so we thought we can splurge all the money we have and not stick with a budget. So here it goes, since it was our first plane ride together we took photo of the clouds and the plane wings. Who doesn’t, right?

First airplane shot-02

When we arrived in Hong Kong, we were delighted with how big their airport is and fast their trains are. We first left our baggage in the hotel room, changed for our “OOTD” (which is not known before), and went to Hong Kong Disneyland, the happiest place on Earth as they say. We were very excited to enter the theme park but first we had our late lunch. The restaurant near the entrance is where we had our late lunch which is more expensive than those in the center part which is a food court type. And waaaait, no RICE!!!

And as we gained energy, we continue exploring the theme park. We tried almost all of their attractions. We took photos. And taking photos means having tripod as our companion. Look at some of our photos photobombed by fellow tourists.

First photobombed-02

And our reactions?

The best reactions we can show

Good thing we have some good photos that we can share.



Ohh, and can you believe we just spent 2 days in Hong Kong? On our second day, we squeezed 3 tourist attractions in one day. Gel even had a fever that day and our supposed 6 am tour was moved to around 9am.

The tour started in Ngong Ping, then Ocean Park and luckily we made it on time for The Peak.

Buddha background-02
Ngong Ping
Ocean Park
awkward smile-02
Victoria Peak

But wait, we just noticed that Gel already somehow friendzoned Pat?

And one of the most common poses for everyone? ‘Pogi’ (handsome) shots and the approved pose.

And really? Have you checked our “ootd’s”? Couple shirts from Vigan, Ilocos Sur and Tagaytay!! And wearing havs!! LOL!!

And when portraying different emotions and different poses with these backgrounds, HAHAHA!!

We’re just so happy looking back on the ‘neneng’ and ‘totoy’ pictures of us and reminiscing how we started to love traveling.

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