Masbate – Burias Group of Islands

Masbate – another unfamiliar province of the Philippines and eventually emerged as one of the country’s top destinations. The island which made the province to its fame is Animasola Island which means ‘Lonely Soul’, a stunning rock formation.

Masbate’s Burias group of Islands normally consists of four islands including the Animasola Island. These are Sombrero Island, Tinalisayan Island and Dapa Island or Snake Island. Below are the bird’s eye view of these islands and our signature pose.

Tinalisayan Island – another sandbar to look for, this island is covered by white sand

Dapa Island – locals call this island as Snake Island as snakes are visible in the island

Sombrero Island – the rock formation within the island shapes like a hat or sombrero in Tagalog.

Since the port is in San Andres, Quezon, Burias Group of Islands tour includes Alibijaban Island. Pardon us as this is the only photo we have of the island.



Sombrero Island – We just set-up tents on the island. There’s a little store where you can buy hygiene stuff though it’s quite costly especially the water which costs 50php per pale.

Alibijaban Island – Tents can also be set-up here.

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